New Home Warranty Expiration Inspection

We offer a new home warranty inspections to detect notable defects before your one year builder’s home warranty expires. A Home Inspections will meticulously document and report visual defects within your new home that may be covered under your builder’s home warranty in order to maximize your home warranty coverage. The Home Warranty Inspection report will give you the leverage you need to obtain the repairs necessary before your builder’s warranty expires on your new home. This could be your last chance to correct installation deficiencies common with new home systems and components failures. We highly recommend scheduling your home warranty inspection with us at the beginning of the 11 month. This will give you the time you need to coordinate and discuss our expert hardbound report with your new home warranty provider.

Waiting until the last minute can force new homeowners into disadvantaged negotiating position with the home warranty provider. Regrettably, some home warranty providers charge high premiums for their warranties but are less enthusiastic about paying claims. Call IREAF Home Inspections & Pest Control, LLC today before your new home warranty expires, leaving you with safety and performance related deficiencies that should have been corrected.

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