Commercial Inspections

commercial inspection services austin

Get the information you need to make the right real estate decisions.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of commercial inspections:

  • Office Units and Buildings
  • Shopping Centers and Strip Malls
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Rental Properties
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants, Bars and More

A commercial property is defined as the building structures and improvements located on a parcel of a commercial real estate. These may include structures such as buildings with residential units operated for profit, mixed-use buildings, strip malls, motels, factories, storage facilities, restaurants, and office buildings. A commercial inspection requires the inspector to make observations, conduct research, and report findings. IREAF Home Inspections & Pest Control Inspectors will conduct Commercial Inspections for you. An IREAF Inspector will collect information through visual observation during a walk-through survey as well as conduct research about the property including key components and reports relative to the property. IREAF Home Inspectors will then generate a meaningful report about the condition of the property based on the observations made and research conducted.

We inspect the building’s roof, exterior construction, site, attics, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, foundations, previous problems and repairs. We also use FLIR infrared inspection cameras to detect leaks and insulation problems you can’t see with the naked eye. We also fly drones to examine roofs up-close, which is invaluable. We can provide the client more information and ensure the safety of the inspector and the roof. A typical commercial inspection starts at $600 and depends on the type of improvements.

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