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Whether you are buying or selling a house, we are here to help you identify any potential problems with the property.

The typical inspection takes 3-6 hours and starts at $299 (price varies depending upon age, square footage, number of floors, foundation type... etc). Using a range of investigative tools we will inspect your home from top to bottom.

Our inspections include:

  • General Safety and Security
  • All Rooms in the Interior Living Space
  • Building Design, Framing and Structure
  • Foundations, Basements and Crawl Spaces
  • Attics, Garages, Stairs, Steps
  • Exterior Walls, Siding, Trim, Windows, Doors
  • Roof Coverings, Drainage Systems, Skylights, Vents and Ventilation
  • Chimneys, Fireplaces
  • Walkways, Patios, Decks and Driveways
  • Perimeter Drainage
  • Electrical Service
  • Water Piping and Valves, Gas Piping and Valves
  • Hot Water Supply
  • Sinks, Toilets, Tubs, Showers
  • Heating Systems, Cooling Systems, Humidifiers, Air Filters
  • Electrical Panels, Wires, Wiring, Outlets, Switches, Lighting Fixtures, and Ceiling Fans
  • Custom Installations, such as Saunas or Hot Tubs
  • Previous Repairs

We also use FLIR infrared inspection cameras to detect leaks and insulation problems you can’t see with the naked eye. We also fly
drones to examine roofs up-close, which is invaluable.  We can provide the client more information and ensure the safety of the inspector and the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you need a home inspection?
5 Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection Before You Buy
  • Save money. Home inspection costs vary but a good rule of thumb would be to expect to pay from $300 to $600 depending on the foundation type, size and age of the home.
  • Negotiate...
  • Seller's Repairs and liabilities... 
  • Buying your home is your biggest investment.

Are home inspections required by law?

The short answer is no, inspections are generally not required when using a mortgage loan to buy a house. But lenders almost always want to have an appraisal done before they will approve a home loan, in order to determine how much the house is worth. Real Estate Appraisers do not determine the condition of a home.

Do banks/mortgage company require home inspections?

Although the bank/mortgage company doesn't require a home inspection, if your purchase contract mentions a termite report, the lender will require that to be performed and pass before you close. A termite report lists more than pest infestations.  However, the lender does not stipulate who must pay for those repairs.

Do you do repairs or recommend contractors?

No. IREAF, LLC Home Inspections & Pest Control are certified home inspector experts and we are not in the contracting or construction field. Our job is to identify any possible problems and give advice. We do however recommend the home buyer, condo or commercial property own consult the BC Builder’s Association for referrals.

Do you provide a warranty on your building inspections?

No. IREAF, LLC Home Inspections & Pest Control do not provide unlimited or limited warranties or guarantees. However, most newer buildings should have some type of warranty from the builder. We recommend the buyer review the builder warranty prior to closing. We also strongly recommend that the property is fully insured for water damage, fire, theft, structural, etc.

Can you provide images or video?

Yes, photos and FLIR thermal images are included in all home and commercial inspections at no additional cost. Video is available at additional cost.

What size septic tank do I need?

# Bedrooms

Home Square Footage

Tank Capacity

1 or 2

Less than 1,500



Less than 2,500



Less than 3,500



Less than 4,500


Will we get a written report?

Yes. A comprehensive written inspection report will be available within 24 hours upon the completion of the inspection. PDF version of the report is also available by email upon request.

In the event I have concerns prior to closing, can I contact the inspector?

Yes. Your IREAF, LLC Home Inspections & Pest Control can be reached by phone between 8am and 6pm Monday-Friday and Saturday by appointment.